The Leavitt Bulldogs The Leavitt Bulldog Association (LBA) is a group of breeders, owners and Breed enthusiasts who have joined together with David Leavitt to preserve the Regency Period working Bull Baiter that he created and named Olde English Bulldogge in the early 1970’s. We now call our dogs Leavitt Bulldogs in an effort to differentiate them from the larger body of unrelated dogs called Olde English Bulldogge today.We are committed to reproducing the looks, agility, health, and working ability of the 1820 dog, but with a temperament that ensures the dogs will be excellent family companions. Maintaining and improving health, temperament and working ability is our primary mission. We will continue to develop programs and breeding selection to further this mission, as well as providing registry service and maintenance of our stud book. The LBA http://www.leavittbulldogassociation.com/ The LBAE http://www.leavittbulldogassociationeurope.com/ The LBCF https://sites.google.com/site/leavittbulldogclubfrance/matiere-1-classique The Wiki page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leavitt_Bulldog The Leavitt Bulldog Breeders ARKANSAS WPS BULLDOGS Kelly & Tonya Horn Tel: (870) 416-0954 Website: www.wpsbulldogs.com Email: kelly@wpsbulldogs.com CALIFORNIA ROSEHEART BULLDOGGES Andrea Denny Tel: (909) 728-3367 Website: www.roseheartbulldogges.com Email: roseheartsasha@yahoo.com MASSACHUSETTS ROYALTY LEAVITT BULLDOGS Stacey Persico Tel: (413) 896-0023 Website: www.royaltyleavittbulldogs.com Email: royaltyleavittbulldogs@gmail.com BELLA BULLDOGGES Sue Blouin Tel: (508) 736-6911 Website: bellabulldogges.com Email: bellabulldogges@yahoo.com MICHIGAN DARKSIDE KENNELS Gil & Jen Applegate Tel: (269) 244-1069 Email: darksideabdog@yahoo.com SOUTH CAROLINA TOP NOTCH BULLDOGS Marie & Kirk Morris Tel: (843) 907-4368 Website: www.topnotchbulldogs.com Email: marie.topnotchbulldogs@gmail.com PUERTO RICO BORIKEN BULLDOGGE Noel Alfonso Tel: (787) 517-7207 Website: www.borikenbulldogge.com Email: alfonso73@gmail.com CANADA CAVA TORO CANUM (CTC) KENNELS Kent Robinson Email: cavatorocanum@hotmail.com DENMARK DOGWHISPERER Henrik Ljungström Tel: +45 20 49 62 13 Website: www.leavittbulldogs.dk Email: henrik@Dogwhisperer.dk ENGLAND LONSDALE BULLDOGS Steve & Jessica Gilmour Tel: +441245 222439 Website: www.leavittbulldogs.co.uk Email: lonsdalebulldogs@hotmail.com FINLAND CARELIAN BULLDOGGES Lassi Suntio & Eira Sukki Tel: +358 44 5959 362 Website: www.carebull.fi FRANCE PETIT'S KENNEL Arnaud Petit Website: http://oldeenglishfrance.e-monsite.com Email: mr_fernand@hotmail.fr PILOT J-M's Website: leavittbulldog-oeb.fr Email: eros-3@hotmail.fr OLDE BULL EVOLUTY Yohann Coler Website: www.oldeenglishbulldoggefrance.e-monsite.com Email: jefflions@hotmail.fr THUNDERDOG KENNEL Philippe Weissbraun Website: www.everyoneweb.fr/thunderdogkennel/ Email: thunderdogkennel@gmail.com ENDLESS BULLDOG Ysabel Romero Tel: +0033 6 30 21 91 62 Website: www.endlessbulldog.com Email: ysabelr2@hotmail.com GERMANY OLDE BULLS Mathias Deutsch Tel: +491714529578 Website: www.oldebulls.de/ Email: kontakt@oldebulls.de HOLLAND FREEDOMBULLS Barry & Cindy Tel: 0031206361353 Cell. 0031614995022 Website: www.freedombulls.com Email: leavittbulldogs@gmail.com SOLEIL BULLDOGS Dieu Assen Tel: 0031628798024 Website: www.soleilbulldogs.nl Website: www.soleilbulldogs.com Email: info@oldenglishbulldogs.nl SWITZERLAND ONLY BULLY Laure Hanouna Tel: 0041 79 660 95 74 Website: onlybully.com Email: bulldogge@bluemail.ch Thank you for watching.


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